Mind-Blowing Magic

Ithaca, NY

Magic is a Performing Art

Magic is an art. That trick your uncle showed you is just a trick. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not magic either. If you think magic is for kids, you’re thinking of tricks, not magic.

Magic puts you in a different frame of mind – one of wonder and amazement. It blows your mind by showing you the impossible. 

And magic is a fun way to help people connect. Wondering what to say to someone at a party? “Did you see the magician??” is an easy way to get a fun conversation going.

About Matt

I have been performing around the world for over 25 years.

I’m a “close-up” magician, meaning I do sleight of hand magic using cards, coins, rope, and other everyday objects. The magic I do happens in your hands, right in front of you.

Photo by Sara Tro

What?!? No!!!

When Matt performs, you’ll hear people yelling a lot. But don’t worry, that’s a good sign. It means people’s minds have been blown and they’re unable to do much more than yell. But it passes, and then they can make full sentences again. Until the next part in the performance and they’re back to yelling.

What people are saying...

Wow. Just Wow. My family watches and loves “Magic for Humans” on Netflix. Matt is every bit as good and in person!! You will not be disappointed.
- Chris Kinka
Everyone I spoke with was in awe!! You blew people's minds and
gave them a lot to talk about during and after the event.
Don't hesitate hiring Matt! He is fantastic and we would hire him anytime again!
- Laura Hayes, Director of Ithaca Waldorf School
Amazing! Mind-blowing!
- Gili Chupak
Matt's magic left me with my jaw open, wondering what I had just seen!
His performance was fun for kids and adults alike!
- Alli Sribarra

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