Strolling "Close-Up" Magic

When people think of magic, they normally think of big tricks on stage. That isn’t what I do. Close-up magic uses small objects (e.g., cards, coins, rope) to make the impossible happen in spectators’ own hands. And strolling magic means I go from group to group at an event, performing a series of magic effects for each group. Depending on the number of guests, amount of time I’m booked to perform, and how into the magic a given group is, I might perform for each small group for anywhere from a 3 to 10 minutes before moving on to another group. I can then later return to perform different magic for the same guests if time allows, because they’ll definitely want to see more.

Photo by Sara Tro

Ideal entertainment for any size event

I think strolling magic is an ideal form of event entertainment because of its adaptability to any gathering size and its interactive nature. While going from group to group at an event, I can tailor each performance to the changing audience. I might do a bit more magic for a group that refuses to let me leave, or focus on different types of tricks for a group with a mix of kids and adults in it; I can joke around with the hecklers at the party and be more formal when performing for those who are more reserved.

Magic is also a great tool for helping everyone at an event to have a good time. No matter how great an event is, sometimes people get bored, or maybe they just weren’t in a good mood from the start. Wouldn’t it be great if there were something that would help them to have a good time, too? Yep, magic is perfect for that. While working the room, I keep an eye out for situations in which magic might be particularly helpful.

Strolling Magic is GREAT For...


A cocktail hour can be boring at times as everyone’s waiting for the main event – I keep people engaged and entertained so that they’re enjoying the wedding party from the start. Throughout the rest of the party, I can make sure those people who aren’t out dancing are getting some entertainment.

Galas/ Fundraisers

At large events like this, it’s hard to keep everyone engaged. The guests want to support your cause but might not know other guests or be in the right mood for the event. My strolling magic wakes people up and gives them something to be excited about and to remember from the event.


Corporate events

You want to show your coworkers, clients, and/or partners a good time but it’s hard to please everyone. I can work the room to make sure everyone’s entertained and has something to talk about.



Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Strolling magic is a great way to entertain not just the kids at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, but also the adult families and friends who aren’t as engaged in the party activities. Magic is a rare form of entertainment that will bring a smile to all guests’ faces, no matter their age.

Holiday Parties

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s, or some other holiday party, strolling magic offers entertainment that can easily adapt to your needs. No need for a stage – I’ll stroll throughout the party, leaving cries of surprise and disbelief in my wake.


Private Parties

Whether you’re celebrating a 40th/50th birthday, an anniversary,  or some other exciting occasion, strolling magic will make it a unique, fun, and memorable event.



Why People Prefer Strolling Magic:


It’s more flexible.

I can work any size event, from 20 people to hundreds. With smaller events, I’ll be able to make more rounds to the same people.


It’s more interactive.

People need to see it up close to believe it. By performing for one small group at a time, people get their own private show.


It’s more customizable.

I’m able to select magic that I think will be best for different spectators (e.g., of different ages), even performing in Spanish or French if needed.


It’s less intrusive.

Sometimes people don’t want to watch a long show on stage. With strolling magic, I can come back to people who are deep in conversation. And I can perform less magic for those who want to get back to mingling and more magic for those who keep wanting more.


It gives guests something to talk about.

Guests can avoid those awkward pauses at events by starting with, “Did you see that magician??”

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